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MAURICE SENDAK Maurice Sendak is the widely acclaimed American children's book author and illustrator. This critical study focusses on his famous trilogy, Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There, as well as the early works and Sendak's superb depictions of Grimms' fairy tales in The Juniper Tree. L.M. Poole begins with a chapter on children's book illustration, in particular the treatment of fairy tales. Sendak's work is situated within the history of children's book illustration, and he is compared with many contemporary authors. This new edition includes a new introduction, a new bibliography and many more illustrations. Illustrated. With bibliography and notes. 264 pages. ISBN 9781861713070. www.crmoon.com MAURICE SENDAK (1928-2012), has become America's premier children's book author and illustrator. He's as important - and as adored - as Theodore Geisel (Dr Seuss). Best known for his trilogy of classic picture books - Where the Wild Things Are (1963), In the Night Kitchen (1970) and Outside Over There (1981) - Sendak has also written many other books (though mainly in children's book form). His interpretation of the Grimm Brothers, The Juniper Tree, although it is less well-known, could be said to be his most accomplished work. This book aims to consider some of Maurice Sendak's most significant works, concentrating on the children's books and the picture books. Other chapters explore Sendak&#...
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