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Umut felt happy because he didn`t hear what he expected. Yet a person could only trick itself in those times. To postpone to face the truths didn`t mean that it ended. Though the one cheats were the one who tricks. She felt the joy of what she hides carelessly. The best thing to do is to face worth the truths the wrong one was to swipe them under the carpet. She swiped her lies under the carpet so many times that the carpet was in dirt. Every time she left the carpet another lie added to that dirt. Though people still believe in her. How could her truths could be true when her past was full of lies? Were those lies the ones that drifted all the truths or one or two truths that covered the lies? Umut was in the unknowns.The thing that made him to lost his hope was not the unknown things. If the life was a mathematic umut would probably solve all the problems. While ahu was preparing those annoying questions she couldn`t realize that this was not only about math. Who would solve this problem? Who could understand the lies? Umut had no chance to solve those problems. Who was the problem and who was the solution he thought?A passionate life story which begins in the 70s` last winter days and continues until the first winter days of 80s. A tremendously lived life and what hope brings to people`s lives.An adventure which is full of turning points and turnouts. Paid prices and the prices that are paid. Though as far as one can go, the bitter experiences because of the inevitable con...
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