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Buried under the ocean, deep within the Bermuda Triangle, lies a treasure worth killing for.Having already lost two men in her life to the lure of the bounty beneath the sea, Samantha Carlyle wants nothing to do with treasure hunts. She wants to be left in peace to run her dive resort on Seafire Isle. But unexplained events continue to happen. Adam O’Connor–Samantha’s ex-lover–arrives unannounced on the tiny island.Samantha becomes the target of an attempted kidnapping. And she’s beginning to realize that none of the resort’s guests are who they claim to be. Caught in an undertow of lies and murder, Samantha confronts the secrets that have, for centuries, been drawing men to their watery graves. And she realizes that the little she knows about the lost treasure is more than enough to get her killed.
Брюс Спрингстин Bruce Springsteen. The Ties That Bind. The River Collection (4 CD + 3 DVD) the lies that bind
Брюс Спрингстин Bruce Springsteen. The Ties That Bind. The River Collection (4 CD + 2 Blu-ray) the lies that bind
Ginna Gray The Ties That Bind the lies that bind
David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock the lies that bind
Heather Graham Pozzessere Eyes Of Fire the lies that bind
CAROL MARINELLI Baby Twins to Bind Them the lies that bind
Emilie Richards When We Were Sisters: An unputdownable book club read about that bonds that can bind or break a family the lies that bind
Peter Kearney Ring Songs. Fifteen Rounds in the Sweet Science the lies that bind
Alison Roberts A Father Beyond Compare the lies that bind
FM: Indiscreet 25 - Live the lies that bind
Trish Wylie Bride Of The Emerald Isle the lies that bind
Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova A Tricky Game the lies that bind

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