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Jacinth, Frances and Eugene Mildmay are two young sisters and brother who have been sent from relative to relative while their father and mother are stationed in India. Eventually, they are sent to live with their young, somewhat unprepared aunt in Thetford, and upon arrival, they say farewell to their much-loved uncle Marmaduke outside the gates of a charming, yet mysterious red house -- Robin Redbreast. Robin Redbreast is occupied by a lonely, yet loving widow who never had children: Lady Myrtle Goodacre. In the course of the story, Jacinth, Frances and Eugene discover a new home, and Lady Myrtle a loving family.Mrs. Molesworth's full name was Mary Louisa Molesworth, and she authored dozens of books for young girls in the Victorian era. Heartfelt and charming, Robin Redbreast will continue to delight readers today.
Nesbo Jo The Redbreast nesbo j redbreast
Molesworth Mrs. Robin Redbreast: A Story for Girls nesbo j redbreast
Mrs. Molesworth, Mary Louisa S. Molesworth Robin Redbreast by Mrs. Molesworth, Fiction, Historical nesbo j redbreast
Nesbo J. Police nesbo j redbreast
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