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Guided by the historical semantics developed in Raymond Williams' pioneering study of cultural vocabulary, Modernism: Keywords presents a series of short entries on words used with frequency and urgency in “written modernism,” tracking cultural and literary debates and transformative moments of change. Short-listed for The Modernist Studies Association 2015 Book Prize for an Edition, Anthology, or Essay Collection Highlights and exposes the salient controversies and changing cultural thought at the heart of modernism Goes beyond constructions of “plural modernisms” to reveal all modernist writing as overlapping and interactive in a simultaneous and interlocking mix Draws from a vast compilation of more than a thousand sources, ranging from vernacular prose to experimental literary forms Spans the “long” modernist period, from its incipient beginnings c.1880 to its post-WWII aftermath Approaches English written modernism in its own terms, tempering explanations of modernism often derived from European poets and painters Models research techniques based on digital databases and collaborative work in the humanities
Breuer form modernism
Alexandra Peat Modernism. Keywords form modernism
Modernism Task Table Lamp with Brass Base and Steel Conical Shade, Choice of Heritage Colours form modernism
Nordic simple modernism fashion wrought iron bedroom living room study desk lamp 3 color choose form modernism
Andrzej Gasiorek A History of Modernist Literature form modernism
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Stadler Form Вентилятор Otto Fan Bamboo, в деревянном корпусе O-009R Stadler Form form modernism
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