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The 2008-2009 market meltdown and house price collapse has reset the credit and property cycles, and smart investors are now looking for the upside. But Where Will the Next Bull Runs Come From, and How Can Investors Take Advantage? The world is now facing staggering change, including exponential performance growth in many technologies. We can expect computers that are smarter than people, self-driven cars and a truly intelligent Internet. We are also facing a biotechnological revolution enabling personalized medicine, fourth generation biofuels, radical extension of human life expectancy, exponential growth in farm yields, and even the recreation of extinct species. Furthermore, our energy sector is facing a complete transformation which will eventually make our energy supply limitless. Meanwhile, our population will grow, age and urbanize, and – largely due to emerging market growth – global purchasing power will have quadrupled by 2050. What will this mean for commodity prices, the environment and growth sectors such as real estate, global finance and luxury? Supertrends explains not only what will happen, but also how and why. Having himself run several hugely profitable funds through seeking out long term opportunities and having set up and sold several award winning technology and new media companies, author Lars Tvede shows readers how to identify and profit from the investment opportunities of the future. If you need to be prepared for the rest of your life, this is the book for you.
Lars Tvede Supertrends. Winning Investment Strategies for the Coming Decades facing the modern
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