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Scholarly Research paper from the year 2013 in the subject Pedagogy - Pedagogic Sociology, , language: English, abstract: This research examined the educational challenges faced Somali secondary students in North and South of Ireland, especially Dublin and Belfast areas, where there were a large number of Somali communities. It focused the current challenges they were facing in terms of the formal education system and social inclusion. The most of the students were born outside the state with little formal education, and their integrating into the system is a daunting task. Many joined school with an educational, deficit, unstable families, illiterate parents and poor family environment that is entirely dependent on social welfare. The research tried to examine how these students overcame these educational barriers. The research looks at the parent's role in improving their children's educational performance. It also highlighted the enormous challenge and puzzling tasks many Somali student endure. The study looked closely at the varieties of difficulties that they are facing in day to day life in schools such as lack of tutoring, mentoring and low self-esteem. It explored solutions to address these problems and the last, but not least recommends a resolution that will increase students' performance. It also suggests significant steps to tackle Somali early school dropout.
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