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The Foremost Authorities on Student Affairs Address Issues Facing The Field Today The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration is a comprehensive and thoughtful resource for the field, with expert insight on the issues facing student affairs. This fourth edition has been fully updated to reflect the most current and effective practices in student affairs administration. New chapters address persistence, retention, and completion; teaching and learning; working with athletics and recreation; leadership; purpose and civic engagement; spirituality; and fundraising. Emerging populations are discussed throughout, featuring specific advice for working with veterans and dual-enrolling high school students. New material includes the role of student affairs in study abroad programs, student use of technology and using social media to serve students, working with student athletes, and more. Professionals at all levels of student affairs administration need practical, timely, and applied information on the myriad issues that fall under the student affairs umbrella. This NASPA-sponsored guide collects the latest information, methods, and advice from the field's leading authorities to bring you up to date on the latest solutions and best practices. Learn about the dominant organization and administration models in student affairs Stay up to date on core competencies and professional development models Examine the latest literature, and consider both the newest and lasting issues facing student affairs Instructor resources available As both the student population and the college experience grow more diverse, student affairs professionals need to update their toolset to face the broader scope of the field and the new challenges that arise every day. The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration provides invaluable guidance to graduate students and professionals alike, and is the one resource you should not be without.
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