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Just what is it like living on board the International Space Station? Well, now you can find out in this fascinating book ... illustrations have a really key role ... they are technically accurate and provide true representations of the mechanics, modules and equipment on board the ISS. (Parents In Touch) What is the space station and how did it get into space? How do astronauts get there and what do they do once they're there? How do astronauts eat, sleep, or even breathe, in space? What effect does living in space have on the human body, from making you taller to losing your muscles because of zero gravity. If everything floats, then how can you go to the toilet and where does your wee and poo go? Uncover all of the answers and more in this beautifully illustrated and fun book for children. Find out what it takes to become an astronaut and about the essential science experiments that are being carried out there. Written to inspire a new generation of astronauts, Clive's detailed and fact-filled text will make you think you've visited the space station yourself. Fully illustrated by self-confessed space geek illustrator, Dan Schlitzkus, the illustrations are technically accurate and provide true representations of the mechanics, modules and equipment on board the ISS.
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